blue angels coming to town, how to photograph them, certainly not from the ground. lucky for me i know the executive chef at the 95th floor restaurant, yup on the 95th floor of the john hancock building, actually had my wedding reception there. oh but i want to go higher and not shoot behind glass, let's go outside, 97 floors up roof top, this is a bit dangerous and totally against the law. i have a friend who works for the fire department, i mention my idea to take these photos, he thinks i'm nuts, well sorta, can you help, yea, we have this harness that we sometimes wear when fighting fires, i can lend you one. off to the roof, put on the harness, strap it to some big air conditioner unit and now let's hang off the side of the building to get the shot. i will only have seconds as these guys are flying at very high speeds, got off 6 shots, enjoy, i certainly did. canon a1 ektachrome 100asa 135mm f11


you can't live in the 80's and not bartend at a disco, it's mandatory for meeting hot girls. so let's choose the hottest disco in town, cinderella rockefella at the hilton hotel (same guys who did studio 54) so i'm bartending one night and this guy sits down and we start a conversation, he says he just signed a contract do to the advertising and marketing for the club and hotel. i mention that if he needs a good photographer i'm your man, he gives me a shot and i photograph the club and the hotel rooms, restaurant etc. so how do you photograph a disco with tons of lights and people spinning around the dance floor. i want enough motion but sharpness as well and i want to capture all the ambiance. because i work there i have carte blanche to get the job done. before the doors open for the night i set up 6 flash units, camera and main flash on my tripod, 5 other flash slaves on smaller tripods placed around the dance floor. pushed the flash to its limits, set the self timer on the camera and walked away, as the shutter opened the main flash went off followed by the slaves. i think the results speak for themself. canon a1 ektachrome pushed to 400asa f11 mecablitz flash units. pretty cool.


got into bicycling in the late 70's, met a bunch of friends out on the road. one friend was on the fuji cycling team and traveled around the country racing, i accompanied him on a few trips, here are a few photos. canon a1 ektachrome various asa and lenses


this beauty is for sale $2500 cash, it's wrapped and living in boston safe and sound