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music has always been a huge part of my life, i can remember being young and watching my dad build his own amplifiers and speakers in our basement, when he was done he created an entire 12 foot wall unit with 8 foot speakers and all home made electronics that kicked ass. he would play music all the time, mostly classical but what a great way to learn about music. i bought my first album when i was 17, creedence clearwater revival, susie q. my dad would let us play it loud and open the windows and we’d dance on the front lawn. dad’s still around and so is his kick ass stereo. so if you have a love for music and enjoy taking photos what does one do. go to work for the local music magazine, in this case the illinois entertainer, from 1977 to 1982 i must have gone to 250 concerts, press passes, full access etc, many an interview, queen, tom petty, heart, lynyrd skynyrd, bob seger, sparks, styx, cheap trick, yes, elp, led zeppelin, stones, i could go on and on, you get the idea. needless to say thousand of photos later, time to share a few, i will update as i have time. canon a1 ektachrome various asa lenses and flash units

i worked at the park west in chicago for a time bartending, again if you want to hear good music go where it's being played. i'm asleep it's 1am the phone rings, dan it's doug niedermayer from work, doug it's 1am what's up, just got a call from the stones manager they want to throw a private party for their crew, can you come to the club like now. rolling stones private party, sure i guess so. i arrive at the club and out front is a line half way down the block, all girls, this is going to be fun. this big dude greets me at the door, sorry this is a private event, oh well i think you're going to need me i'm the bartender, he lets me in. i get the bar set up, managed to get in touch with one barback, hide my camera under the bar and they open the doors, it's 2am. the place fills up in minutes, i turn around and mick jagger, jerry hall, keith richards and ronnie woods are sitting at the bar. mick and ronnie are dressed like bartenders, mick goes it's too crowded out here we're joining you, what's your name, dan, meet mick and ronnie let's tend bar for a couple hours to 200 screaming girls, oh ok. i'm teaching mick jagger how to make a strawberry daiquiri, yea i taught mick and ronnie how to make drinks, too funny. i grab my camera and get a few shots behind the bar, it's now 3am. mick says we should play a few songs for everyone, they jump over the bar and head for the stage. i grab my camera and get off a couple of shots of them playing, back to the bar it's crazy in here. i turn around and the big dude who met me at the door grabs me by the shirt and says, this is a private event no cameras allowed give me the film now. ok, no problem, i reach into my camera bag, quickly roll up the leaders on 2 rolls of fresh film and hand over 2 empty rolls to the big dude, he says thanks. i mumble, wish i could see your face when you try to get those developed. i've got the film. the photo below is still hanging on the wall at the park west an i've been able to make a few bucks off these photos over the years, enjoy, i certainly did. canon a1 ektachrome 100asa 50mm flash fill.