photographed on the southside of chicago during a photoshoot for a local minister looking to start a church for the homeless and less fortunate. i was across the street and happened to turn and saw this person sitting, as i turned he looked right at me, i had seconds to take the photo, i didn't notice the sinister person lurking behind him in the shadow of the doorway till i developed the image, still gives me the creeps. canon a1 ektachrome 100asa 135mm f5.6


studio self portrait
yea at one time i took a good photo, actually did a bit of modeling but preferred the other side of the camera. studio at 115 s. milwaukee before it was robbed. canon a1 tri-x pushed to 800asa 50mm f5.6

one of my first girlfriends and the first girl i proposed to, should have never let her get away, but we were too young, her father had tons of money, kinda messed with the relationship. and yea that’s me after we broke up (next photo). canon a1 ektachrome infrared yellow#12 400asa 50mm f4


lori pearls
besides taking photographs i worked as a bartender for a few years, well ok more than a few years. this photo was taken after a night of reggae, lori was dancing, i was pouring. we went back to my apartment for some sleep, lori was getting ready standing in the bathroom with just a small light on, i asked her to stand still and grabbed my camera, couldn't resist the light. canon a1 ektachrome 100asa 50mm f4


fashion show
had quite a few connections back in the day, promoters, nightclub venues, etc. one night the owner of the night gallery gave me a call, we are having a fashion show/whatever happens, can you stop by, sure. well i could show you lots of photos of pretty girls but this one is interesting, when taking a photo always keep your eyes open (no pun) out of the corner of my eye this is the result, very interesting. canon a1 ektachrome pushed to 400asa 28mm f5.6


janice, so beautiful
interesting story, i met janice through a friend and we dated for about 6 months. janice was an aspiring model, doing work in chicago, being her boyfriend she of course asked me to take some photos for her portfolio. one day she gives me a call and asked me if i'd like to join her? sure, i've got a part as an extra in a movie, they asked me to bring friends, $50 for the day and free lunch, she says meet me at the south shore country club, i knew the place very well played many a round of golf there, so i drive down to the southside. she meets me at the gate and says follow me this is going to be fun, she takes me over to a trailer, we enter and right away i'm like hey wait a minute isn't that dan aykroyd, yes they are making this movie called the blues brothers and filming a scene today, so we sit in dan aykroyd's trailer and drink a heineken waiting for them to call the extras. we ended up being extras in 3 different scenes, south shore country club, a mall on the south side, harvey il. that was being closed, you remember the scene, amazed no one got injured that day, and a beach scene in round lake beach, you can see janice a lot, me not so much. lots of fun, well janice meets a stunt man on set and he moves her to hollywood, never saw her again, damn. what i like about the photo is janice of course but the depth of field. canon a1 ektachrome 100asa 85mm f1.8

if anyone tells me they don’t like film, beautiful in my opinion

if anyone tells me they don’t like film, beautiful in my opinion


115 s. milwaukee
1975, this is where it all begins, so we have to add it. my friend daryl and i rented this fleabag apartment in lincolnshire il. my brother and his girlfriend oddly enough rented the apartment above us, that's a different story. if these walls could talk, as you can see they do. many a party and crazy times, stories? i could go on for hours. daryl had an idea one day, lets cut out stuff from magazines and tape them to the wall, the collage began and the walls started to talk. friends would come over and just stare at the walls for hours, just about every wall in the apartment was covered, at one time over an inch thick we just kept adding and than our friends added, quite the stoned conversation piece and always music playing in the background, we both worked at a record store. landlord must have had fun when we moved out. some of the best times of my life. canon a1 ektachrome infrared blue#9 400asa f11